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A Watered Flower

When a flower is watered often, it blossoms, and it grows. It is the same principle when it comes to us as women. It is so important to not only grow but to blossom as well and in order to blossom you have to be watered daily with encouraging quotes, meditation and prayer, and your surroundings cannot be filled with people who mean you no good. It is so easy to overlook shade given from the people that are around us. It’s common to make excuses for them such as, “oh, maybe they didn’t mean it like that” or “they were just playing” but people mean what they say. It is so important for your circle to be filled with people that are “for” you and not “against” you even if this means being by yourself until you link up with likeminded individuals. With people that are going where you want to go and doing what you want to do in life. Some relationships in life are dead weight and they will take your attention away from your goals and keep you from walking in your purpose. Unhealthy habits can also inhibit your growth. When a flower is growing, it is often pruned, dead leaves are cut off so that the flower can continue to blossom. Same way with us, in order to grow we have to be willing to cut some things off, and let some things go so that we can fulfill our destiny and flourish into the woman we want to be.

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